Shift is a group coaching program dedicated to helping women cultivate more self-love.

Shift is for the woman who is ready to empower herself with the understanding that she is the creator for all that exists in her life.

She is open to receiving life-changing guidance from within herself because she knows that she has to do something she’s never done before in order to be someone she’s never been before. 

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This course is for women who have identified that their self-sabotage prevents them from having healthy relationships in
any of these areas:

    • romantically
    • professionally
    • personally (friends, family or the self)

I have discovered that the formula for attracting your
“D R E A M” requires you to embrace ALL aspects of the self:

    • spiritually
    • mentally
    • emotionally
    • physically

This 6 month course guides you back to inhabiting all 4 of these aspects, better known as the “4 bodies”.

Together, we get to connect, integrate and embody the disowned parts of ourselves so they can serve us as intended.

Each week of education will have a corresponding topic that pairs with the body we are exploring.

Those weeks will alternate with integration sessions in which the women will be given opportunities to bond and exchange questions.

The curriculum is designed to support the individual and collective transformation of the group. All 24 classes are about 1 hour long and they are recorded for the convenience of the participants.

Humans are social beings that thrive in community— especially women. We need each other for the wisdom, support, understanding, protection and belonging we can offer each other.

As a result, I decided to create a safe community of like-minded women that could connect with each other as deeply as they desired. As “sisters’ we get to explore the teachings of trauma and what it has to offer us in our self-healing process.

If we choose to lean into the pain that we ordinarily avoid, we can learn so much about the woman we desire to become. Most importantly, we can learn how to remove the roadblocks in her way.


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