Intuitive Transformation Coaching


An intuitive experiences extra sensory information that is communicated to them via their intuition. Every person possesses intuition and it essentially works just like a muscle. The more you train it the stronger and more defined it will become. My programs are dedicated to helping clients exercise this muscle to gain more inner guidance and tune into the unseen world that exists beyond the five senses. I practice metaphysical transcendentalism. This means I have perfected and refined my intuitive capabilities and am able to draw information from that which is not evident by our standard 5 senses, and I can deep dive into the energy fields beyond this reality.


Transformations can only occur when you surrender to the need for control. Our trauma has taught us that the only way we can feel safe is if we control every element of our lives. Simply put, this is not living. It is not acting in accordance with the laws of the universe, which allow you to tap into your true potential. The life you dream of must be traded for the life that currently pains you. Temporary discomfort may be experienced while eliminating processes and patterns that do not serve you, but the other side offers a blissful elevation to your highest self. After uncovering what is preventing you from excelling in life, you will be provided with new coping mechanisms to handle your life responsibly and maturely. Once you have established this new pattern of thought and action, your horizons will expand, and your dreams will morph into attainable goals.


It is important to understand that this is a client driven program, and so it is completely different from conventional therapy. Psychology and psychiatry are extremely limited in how they are permitted to treat. As a holistic practitioner, I believe feeling and working through emotions is the appropriate treatment in most cases and am able to provide the necessary care and dedication to my clients to ensure they are able to successfully navigate their lives without unnecessary medications. My programs use ALL of the available resources for mind, body and spirit rejuvenation. My coaching style is extremely invested in my client’s well-being and success. There are many modalities to my treatments, and I become intertwined with my clients on their journey. I am here to steady and stay the course with you from beginning to end, through good and bad, to arrive at a life fulfilled. While I hope the field broadens and expands, standard psychological therapy does not have the care capacity or bandwidth this type of transformation requires. Simply put, standard psychology deals only with matters of the head, and I mostly handle matters of the heart. Many of my clients identify themselves as “therapy refugees” because they never felt seen, heard or felt, just as they experienced in their childhood.