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As a Reiki Master, I am a conduit of healing light energy that is transmitted from my hands into the client’s physical, emotional and spiritual body for healing purposes. Reiki has been widely used across the globe by many Eastern, and now, Western practitioners. I can facilitate reiki in person or online. The practice itself requires light touch/focus to energy centers, in which the practitioner will create more fluidity for energy to flow. The treatment is 1 hour, and I will share insights that came up during the healing. Sessions are $120 and package rates are available.


I offer a healing technique called “Raindrop Therapy” in which 9 different therapeutic grade essential oils are applied to the spine and feet. Light reflexology is used to integrate the oils into the skin. This treatment is helpful for chronic physical pain, and also for the release of emotional distress. The experience is typically an hour long, and it is advised that you wear clothing that can afford to be aromatically infused. Sessions are $125.


I am certified in two different techniques of yoga: Vinyasa and Buti. Vinyasa is a widely known practice that is known for its activation of the core, and the generation of heat in the body. Buti yoga is a combination of Vinyasa, plyometrics and tribal dance. Sessions are $75 and package rates are available.

Balanced Cooking

Perhaps the technique that I have mastered the longest is my nourishing cooking practice. I work with the client to find out the preferences of their unique palate, combined with their targeted nutrition goals. Taste does not have to be sacrificed when creating new eating habits. Cooking can actually be easy, fun and healing. Classes are $75 and package rates are available.


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