I am proudly partnered with an all organic superfood manufacturer that is committed to reducing inflammation through gut health optimization. The company is owned by naturopaths who formulate every product with healing intention. Their farming and dehydration practices preserve all of the nutritional integrity of the plants utilized, offering a line of nutraceuticals that are unparalleled. In my practice, you will hear me frequently say that the health of the individual starts with the health of the gut. From our environment, we are constantly exposed to toxins that destroy the colonies of microbiota that are responsible for sustaining our well-being. All inflammatory conditions stem from a disrupted gut microbiome. Untreated gut dysbiosis can result in several mild conditions such as: weight gain, brain fog, low energy, mood swings, unhealthy cravings, poor digestion, bloating, acid reflux, etc. It can also lead to more severe conditions such as: anxiety, ADD, ADHD, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, gout, insomnia, infertility, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, and so much more. I have had the pleasure of supporting numerous clients in their transformation, and I always witness a more significant shift when they incorporate these products into their regimen. Seldom few products like these exist on the market, and they certainly cannot be compared to anything found in a grocery store.

Please check out this direct link to my own online superfood store, and redeem $50 off, or up to 25% off, if your order is greater than $250.

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While I invite clients to experience the site at their own leisure, I prefer to guide them to what suits their targeted goals best. Please ask me for assistance in order to streamline your shopping experience.


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