I was feeling very in touch with my Jewish heritage roots when constructing this very easy lunch. The most important part about this recipe is making sure that you are using wild caught fish instead of farm raised. Altogether this snack could be done in under 20 minutes.

It could also be done as hors d’oeuvres in a miniature format, by just trimming the crusts off of the bread, like tea sandwiches.

*Friendly reminder to keep smoked meats as a “luxury” in the diet; frequent consumption is associated with cancer risks.

4oz smoked trout, wild caught
1/4c greek yogurt, full fat
8 slices gluten free bread (or whatever you prefer)
1/2 head of shredded cabbage
salt and pepper to taste
1/4c spicy brown mustard
1t chopped parsley

First, preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Shred the cabbage and place it on a baking sheet, drizzling with olive oil and salt and pepper. Place the cabbage in the oven for 15 minutes, making sure to check on, and stir it after approximately 7 minutes. While the cabbage is roasting, prepare the trout by draining any excess liquid and putting into a bowl to be flaked with a fork. Whisk the yogurt separately until it is a light, airy consistency and carefully fold the trout in. Place this mixture in the refrigerator, covered until ready to construct the sandwich.

Remove the cabbage from the oven and allow it to cool at room temperature. If warm cabbage in a sandwich does not excite you, then place it in the refrigerator, covered, for an extra 10 minutes (after cooling at room temperature, first). Place the slices of bread under the broiler set to high to toast for no more than a minute on each side (unless you would like your toast very crispy). Place the cooled cabbage in a bowl and add mustard.

Layer the sandwich by putting cabbage as the base, topped with the whipped trout and garnishing with chopped parsley, or, however you want!


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