So I came up with this concoction through trial and error because I’m obsessed with the real version but needed to cut back immensely on dairy and processed ingredients in my diet. Everything here is homemade with the exception of yogurt and there is sadly no cheese in it but you are more than welcome to add it if you feel necessary for a 6th layer of goodness. I also omitted the 7th layer of olives because I like the purity of the flavors without them.

This recipe will serve about 4-6 people so I would definitely double or triple it up if you’re having a significant get together. The most important thing to know is that guacamole does not preserve for long. When you add citrus it preserves longer, but I wouldn’t make this more than a day in advance.

Guac AND Pico de gallo:
2 large or 3 small avocados
1 small yellow onion
2 cloves garlic
1 jalapeno
1 small vine ripe tomato OR 1/2 cup of cherry tomatoes (used in photo)
1 tsp chopped cilantro OR parsley (if you’re not a cilantro fan)
2 limes
Salt and Pepper to taste

Black bean dip:
1.5c cooked black beans (make sure they are soaked in water over night before cooking)
2 cloves garlic
3T olive oil
1T smoked paprika or 2 chipotle peppers
2 limes
Salt to taste
Water as needed

All else:
1/2 head shredded green cabbage
2 cups of plain greek yogurt

First prepare the pico de gallo which is essentially the same components of guacamole minus the avocado and jalapeƱo. Dice the onion and garlic put them aside in a small bowl. If you are using cherry or grape tomatoes you can simply halve/quarter them or if you are using a vine tomato, also dice and add to onion mixture. Finely chop cilantro or parsley and toss into the same bowl with the juice of one lime. Season with salt and pepper. Thats your pico.

Mash the avocados with a fork in a separate bowl, adding lime juice from the other lime to make it more malleable. Add approximately one half of the pico de gallo mixture above to the mashed avocado. Use your best judgment when incorporating to the two components, there is such a thing as too much or too little pico, its really up to your preference. When chopping the jalapeƱos, please use caution because the heat is in the seeds and the pith (white membrane). If they get underneath your nails or if you have any cuts it will burn for quite a while. I like to slice the pepper in half lengthwise, remove all of the seeds and pith and then finely dice the pepper, tossing it into the guacamole. More salt and pepper will be needed at this time.

The black beans, garlic, oil, paprika/chipotle, lime, salt and drop of water should be added to a blender or food processor and mixed on high so that it comes to almost a whipped consistency. Use very small amounts of water (a tablespoon at a time) as needed if the mixture is too thick.

Preferably in a pyrex container (because seeing the layers is half the beauty) of any shape, layer the guacamole on the bottom. Traditionally with this dip, you would layer the beans at the bottom but because the consistency is actually lighter from adding oil and water, it is less dense than the guacamole. Next layer the bean mixture. Keeping both of these components and room temperature makes them easier to work with, so do not refrigerate in between preparations.

After the black bean dip, gently spoon the yogurt on top, smoothing it out with the back of the spoon. Shred the cabbage and evenly distribute it over the yogurt. Spoon the remaining pico de gallo over the cabbage. Find a bag of non-gmo corn or other gluten free chips to dip with!


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