This drink is only 4 ingredients that taste equally delicious as they are beneficial.  When the juice is first blended, all of the components will be closer to a smoothie consistency.  If the beverage sits for longer than a few minutes, it will separate as pictured above.

Cardamom can be replaced by cinnamon or whatever spice tickles your fancy.  Without it, the flavor of the aloe may be more prevalent.  If frozen pineapple is unavailable, use ice, but add your favorite natural sweetener (maple syrup or raw honey), as it will be diluted in flavor.

yield: 2 glasses
prep time: 5 minutes  

1 large aloe leaf
2 cups frozen pineapple (ice and fresh pineapple can be used, see above)
1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
1/2 cup of water
(natural sweetener if desired)

Carefully trim the edges of the aloe leaf with kitchen scissors or a sharp pairing knife.  Scoop the sappy insides out with a spoon and place them into a blender with all other ingredients.   Blend until all ingredients are an even consistency, and pour into a glass.


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