Mental & Emotional Release®

Mental and Emotional Release is a 1:1 coaching experience that creates a dramatic outcome in the shortest duration offered in my practice. This unique service is approximately 10 hours long and is ideally completed in 5 weeks or less. Sessions are scheduled in 2 hour intervals. 

MER is a series of neurolinguistics programming (NLP) techniques combined with hypnosis to achieve a desired outcome. MER is synonymous with the term “breakthrough session” because the client gains many breakthroughs during the course of the program.

This process is known to rewire the unconscious mind, which is programmed with our beliefs, values and behaviors. Many people are challenged in their pursuit of love, health, happiness and success because they live life through a lens that has been colored by their painful experiences. As a result, a person’s core values can become unclear and easily fall out of alignment with their actions. They are held captive by the self-limiting beliefs that convince them that their desires are unattainable.

Prior to the start of the BTS, the client will select an area of life that they are focusing on:

Once this is determined, I will ask a series of thought provoking questions that are meant to bring emotions to the surface, with the intention of clearing attachments to the following emotional states:

The unconscious mind will take us to the point on your timeline where you first experienced the charge of this emotional state, which could be in this current lifetime, a past life or generationally (from your lineage).

Once the unconscious mind has released these attachments, the true values of the client can emerge without the interference of the emotionality.

Before and after the release work, I elicit the values that the client has around the selected area of life that we are working on.

There is generally a stark contrast between the two lists of values (before and after). The release work allows the true values of the client to emerge because there is no longer an emotional charge clouding the client’s path.

Next, I will release self-limiting beliefs and any phobias the client may have.

After this I will do a technique called “chaining anchors” where I take a client from an undesired state such as procrastination and bring them to a state of motivation.

I also do parts integration, where I support the client in reintegrating the fragmented parts of themselves that are in conflict with one another.

I will support the client in creating new beliefs that they want to uphold about themselves, which is intended to replace the former limiting beliefs they held onto. I will then put the client in a light state of hypnosis, and will install the new beliefs into their unconscious mind.

Lastly, I will support the client in creating a SMART goal, which enables them to “design” the ideal version of themselves. I help them optimize their goal using their visual, auditory and kinesthetic sensory programming and I will use a quantum healing technique that places this new version of them out onto their timeline into the future.

There are requisites for change that need to be adhered to for the success of the breakthrough session. The client will be advised at the start of the session to ensure they feel that they can fulfill their end of the commitment. A consultation is also strongly encouraged prior to the start of the program.

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