Everyone loves a good affirmation, but what happens when they “don’t work”? Well, they actually only work if you believe in their truth, wholeheartedly. If something within you doubts the statement on any level, it will actually work against your favor.⁠⁠
When working with an affirmation, it’s ideal to test it out by seeing how your body responds to it as you iterate it. Keep reworking the affirmation until it’s authentic to you and your goal, without any resistance.⁠⁠
Go through this selection and try out what “feels best” to you!⁠⁠
1. I accept myself exactly as I am⁠⁠
2. I am enough⁠⁠
3. I feel safe in my body⁠⁠
4. I am at peace with my past⁠⁠
5. I forgive myself⁠⁠
6. I define my beauty⁠⁠
7. I choose to feel whole and complete⁠⁠
8. I am worthy of love⁠⁠
9. I easily attract everything I deserve⁠⁠
10. My imperfections are what make me unique


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