Reiki is an alternative therapy known as energy healing. This practice involves the transmission of life force energy from the palms of the practitioner into the client’s physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. ⁠⁠
It first originated in Japan as an eastern medicine practice, then made its way to the United States 80 years ago. It is now widely used in western medical facilities– even in select hospitals.⁠⁠
Reiki can be facilitated in person or via video conferencing. The healing session is usually 1 hour long and it involves light touch to the energy centers of the body. It is an incredible healing technique that will support your body in returning to its natural state of balance.⁠⁠
Reiki can promote the following benefits:⁠⁠
-chronic pain relief⁠⁠
-restful sleep⁠⁠
-reduced stress & anxiety⁠⁠
-increased energy⁠⁠
-increased self-awareness⁠⁠
-increased mental clarity⁠⁠
-spiritual growth⁠⁠
-improved circulation⁠⁠
-balanced hormones⁠⁠
-healthy digestion⁠⁠
-weight loss⁠⁠
-improved immunity⁠⁠
-boosted confidence⁠⁠
-enhanced creativity⁠⁠
How many of you experience a handful of these concerns in your daily life?⁠⁠
I feel that it’s truly a gift to be a reiki master who acts as a conduit of the this universal healing energy. I have witnessed remarkable transformations when this practice has been integrated successfully. Please message me to learn more about this therapy and what it can do for you.


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