How many of you feel exhausted in your pursuit of happiness?

Some people are tired all the time and don’t even realize that the source of depletion is from chasing “unattainable goals”.

We think that if we have a better body, more money, or a perfect partner that our lives will be filled with joy, but that’s actually not the truth. Happiness is an inside job. It doesn’t come from contingencies outside of your being. If that were the case, we would see a correlation between happiness and income. But statistics show that people who earn more than $75k annually, generally experience a decrease in happiness.

What does trauma have to do with any of this?
Trauma is our greatest teacher in life, if we choose to see it that way. Because of the trauma we ALL experience as children, we will learn that we are not worthy of things we desire. This is mostly an unconscious belief, and it doesn’t apply to all aspects of life, which is why you have likely achieved SOME things you desire. The real reason EVERYthing doesn’t come to us as easily as we wish, is due to the fact that on some level, our subconscious feels undeserving of them, and that is derived from our trauma.

When we are children, our learning experiences shape the way we are seen in the world. When we are told that we are “wrong” or “bad” the mind translates that into unworthiness. Then a pattern forms. This is why people emotionally eat. When we feel bad, we eat badly. It’s a form of self-punishment. We are aware that eating poorly will make us feel worse, but we still indulge because we feel unworthy of having a healthy relationship with ourselves. The next thing we know, we hate our bodies, and it seems near impossible to achieve our weight loss goal.
This is just one example of how self-sabotage can present itself. What’s important to take away is that this can be healed, if you acknowledge and work through it. We are all deserving of happiness. It is truly our birthright.


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