What does it mean to be “supported”?

Support is when we have a committed person/entity who is willing to take on some of the weight of the challenges we face. This does not mean that they take on the challenge in its entirety, and it also doesn’t mean that they sit there and do nothing as you suffer alone.

Whether it be in friends, family or career, a healthy support system is required for us to thrive in every aspect of our lives. Most of us are fortunate to have at least some uplifting relationships, where we get to be ourselves and feel like there is a healthy exchange from both parties. Converse to that, many of us have also experienced a relationship that is clearly draining or taxing and we can often feel helpless.

Maintaining relationships that are not in service of your well-being can be highly detrimental to your pursuit of happiness. Not only is it depleting your energy source, it’s subconsciously convincing you that you are not worthy of a healthier relationship in that area of your life.

A lot of my clients feel conflicted when they find themselves in partnerships, employment opportunities or families that they simply “cannot leave”. I usually challenge that belief. When we settle for things below our worth, we energetically tell the universe that we will tolerate more of it in our lives, and it will seemingly worsen. I don’t suggest abandoning the relationship– I simply guide them to understanding how they can be better supported in a different capacity.

It is a conscious choice to subject ourselves to circumstances that disempower us. If the relationships we are fostering repeatedly disappoint or unfulfill us, that does not mean we are broken. It means we have been called to heal something within ourselves in order to attract better. Are you ready to answer that calling?


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