The system is broken…. on purpose.⁣

If there is no problem to fix, then there’s no profit to be made. So, the beauty industry created a plethora of “problems” for us. We then collectively chose not only to accept, but enforce those standards for fear of not being accepted by others. ⁣

If you take a minute to think about what I’m suggesting, this is beyond manipulative. A whole industry has preyed on our insecurities for profit. They gave us unattainable standards to maintain, because they know that we will go to any length to feel love, worth or acceptance. ⁣

Rejection is not something that we can evade, nor can it be resolved with a false sense of inclusion. We all thought “Mean Girls” was a spoof on popularity in high school, but it was actually a template for REAL life in adulthood. We’re all trying to fit in these boxes to fit other people’s expectations of us, which makes them happy and us miserable. ⁣

YOU GUYS, we are OBSESSING over bellies, butts, boobs, lips, legs, eyebrows, hairlines… it’s starting to get WEIRD. We’re not even allowed to age anymore! Looking beautiful is NOT going to make you love yourself. It’s not going to make anyone love you, either. Please understand that buying into the beauty standards set by our society is making us mentally and physically ill! It’s straight up dangerous to be so fixated on your appearance.

The deepest longing that I have for humanity is that we understand our worth is NOT determined by how attractive we are. Who you ARE and what you DO with your time here will not only change how beautiful you feel, but more importantly, how beautiful this world is. That’s a lot of power to possess, yet we choose not to harness it for good.

What action are you taking to feel good in your body, despite the influence you feel from others?


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