When I was a kid my parents used to say “you are who you hang with” and it used to drive me nuts.

Now I can appreciate what they were actually communicating to me. You equal the sum of your counterparts. Know who’s in your corner because that will determine your success.

All too often we find ourselves in a pattern of conforming to accommodate the expectations of others, just so we can feel accepted by them. In my practice, this unconscious pattern has brought my clients nothing but anxiety and disappointment in their path. If you have to present yourself in a specific way for someone to accept you, then you’re not living for yourself– you’re living for them.

When you live your life for others and do what everyone else around you is doing, you’re holding yourself back by showing them a persona that isn’t authentic. This provides a false sense of comfort because you blend in. I assure you, we are not here to blend in. We are here to find our tribe and live life on our own terms. Sometimes it takes getting out of your comfort zone, finding what you’re really passionate about, and doing things that bring you joy to recognize who is there to celebrate you.


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