Do you remember what it was like to simply not care? Me neither.

From a young age we try to fit in with those around us. We use our time and energy to be as “normal” as possible, convincing ourselves we are like everyone else. This is an unconscious choice we make to keep ourselves safe and more widely accepted. This choice not only keeps us safe from being hurt, it keeps us safe from reaching our true potential (and the responsibilities we fear).

When you live a life that isn’t based in what people think about you, you attract people who like you for your character and the desire to “blend in” vanishes. It can actually destabilize your mindset when there is so much emphasis placed on external validation. By doing this, you are placing your happiness in the hands of others, and no one deserves that type of power over you.

How many cares have you accumulated over all the years and what percentage of those cares have helped you harness your greatness? Live life more simply.⁠⁠


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