What does it feel like in your body when I ask you to celebrate your ancestors?
Do you feel pride? Do you scoff? Do you wonder why it matters?

The quality of the relationship that you have with yourself and others (partners/employers/friends) is directly correlated to the relationship you foster with your family members. Trust me, when I heard that the first time, my body resisted it as well. That’s a normal response to the realization of discomfort. The ego/shadow self does not enjoy being exposed and will do anything possible to protect “you” (itself) with denial.

As always, it’s a matter of choosing between remaining the same or recognizing the opportunity for growth. There is plenty of science that supports the healing benefits of this concept, and I encourage researching them. People are capable of healing themselves of a whole host of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual diseases from repairing their relationships with their family members.

I understand the need and desire to maintain self preservation, but at some point it is our responsibility to forgive ourselves and our abusers in order to be happy and free (and to potentially free them as well).

I’d love to hear from you guys about this theory!

Also, how timeless are my grandparents? ❤️


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