Almost everyone in the holistic arts is either hosting, facilitating or attending a retreat at this very moment. Locations and experiences can vary from luxurious accommodations in the tropics to a modest Airbnb in your local community. Each experience offers something drastically different from the next, but you can almost always expect to feel like a brand new human after.

The reason retreats are so vital for our well-being is due to the fact that we never let ourselves simply rest or recuperate for an extended period of time. Depending on the activities that are offered, participants can feel rejuvenated like they have slept for months on end.

Retreats do so much more than give us time and space to relax, they also provide sustainable tools to utilize after returning home. They provide us with a framework to structure our lives in a fashion that supports our continued healing. Having these tools allows us to create a life we do not need to retreat from quite as much.

Are you ready to gift yourself the replenishment you require to make life more than just “manageable”? If so, I’d love to have you join me for an immersion in Sedona. Please inquire for more information!


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