Some days staying positive can feel like an uphill battle.

Maybe your day started on the wrong foot, or your day isn’t going as planned. Now it’s affecting your kids, partner, or productivity. There are times where we get stuck in the middle of life stressors and just want to experience the feeling of happiness.

Take a moment and try these simple steps to uplift your mood:

Address your trigger – What is the root issue that’s impeding your happiness? Moving past your trigger only makes it accumulate in intensity. Honor what is bubbling to the surface for you to address and heal. The trigger will keep presenting itself until it’s worked through.

Purge your emotions – Cry, scream, journal, vent to a loved one– whatever you feel called to do in order to achieve a release in your body. Make space for it. Prioritize it. If you don’t allow your body to release this tension, it will fester. Dislodging the trapped emotion is the only way to provide yourself with relief.

Be present in your body – The source of most stress and anxiety is that we are living in our heads, amplifying stories that we tell ourselves, simply because we’ve been patterned to do so. Shake out your arms and legs, jump up & down, dance, stretch, or go for a walk outside. Connecting with the earth element grounds you and offers a safe space to unload unwanted energy that’s trapped within you.

What things do you find helpful that raise your mood?


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