There are two different kinds of resistance, and many of us struggle to differentiate between the two.

One type of resistance serves as a warning that we are not meant to proceed in the direction that we are headed in. This will show up as a cue in your body like an alarm going off. It is usually guided by your intuition, which is something that we commonly dismiss because our mind is directing us elsewhere. It takes some careful attentiveness to learn how to honor our intuition, but you will always be rewarded in doing so. This is deliberate, so we will keep coming back to that inner guidance.⁣

The kind of resistance that I reference in this quote is a very different type of resistance, much closer to when you feel like you can’t go any further in a workout or a project you’re about to complete. This type of resistance can take many shapes. It can be an unforeseen obstacle, a depletion of energy reserves, or a pattern of sabotage settling in.

People have the misconception that life is meant to be easy and things that we desire will just fall into our laps. That almost never happens. We must create significant shifts within ourselves in order to attract what is deservedly ours. It’s true that when you’re in alignment, things will arrive with more fluidity, but that doesn’t happen without conscious effort and determination.

The truth is that the universe has been observing our patterns our whole lives. It knows that we will often take the easy way out on things. So, a lot of times it will throw you a curveball to see if you really want what you’re striving for.

This happens every time my client is about to have a breakthrough, so I gently remind them of this when they’re ready to throw the towel in.

Resistance is one of our greatest teachers. It’s an indication that we’re about to achieve our dreams. It’s an indication that we get to go further into our healing. When you observe resistance coming up for you, ask yourself “what is this trying to teach me” instead of retreating to the nearest hideaway.


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