About Me

My path to coaching was clear and evident, even though it didn’t appear that way at the time. I was miserable running restaurants in NYC in my late 20’s and a spiritual awakening known as a “Saturn Return” hit me over the head like a ton of bricks.


I had a higher calling and it was time to honor it. I just had no clue what the next step was, so I waited and listened (to the universe, obviously ; )

In the healing community, people say that if everyone always comes
to you for advice that you’re a healer.

When I took a hiatus from hospitality management to figure out my next move, I observed several people asking me for guidance on their wellness journey. I remember wondering if I could make a career out of giving such advice. Low and behold, the coaching industry was starting to bud in 2014 and I decided that it was the time to take the leap in that direction.

Through out my entire coaching practice, I have always guided my clients based on what I had first mastered myself. Health coaching was my first leg of coaching because eating healthy and being active were passions of mine and it was a safe transition out of the restaurant business.

My programs were geared towards reducing inflammation in the body, which meant gut health was the primary focus. I quickly became fascinated with the gut-brain axis and how this relationship was the determining factor for our overall well-being.

For four years I watched my practice take new shape as many factors started to influence it’s direction:

By 2019, a new coach had emerged. That version of me had already been in the works once I fully embraced my mediumship development. Connecting with spirit felt expansive and working with my intuition helped me take a fearless deep dive into my spiritual practice. But nothing prepared me for the depth of spirituality that I faced bringing life into this world.

I remember my husband asking me how I was going to impact the lives of all the people that I wanted to help in this lifetime. I told him while pregnant “I don’t know yet. I just know that our son is going to teach me.” And our son has never stopped being my greatest teacher and inspiration since the day he was born.

When I became a mother, I was given a gift of wisdom from my ancestors. They shared with me that I was here to help the current generation of caretakers identify and heal the unhealthy patterns that have been passed down their family lineage.

My path is now fully dedicated to the inner workings of how trauma molds us.

How trauma prevents us from being or doing any of things that we aspire because we carry layers of shame, guilt and fear within us. Some of those emotions are our own, however, many of them come from those who came before us. Transgenerational trauma is very real and it impacts most of us heavily. I believe this type of trauma can end with the awakening of our generation.

I have much gratitude and appreciation for being chosen as a guide in this movement.
I look forward to serving you and your family...

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