How I Work

Prior to your 30 minute consultation, I will provide you with a client intake form that will pose questions that provide insight to your relationships and background.

In your thirty-minute consultation, the information you provided in conjunction with my intuitive assessment will determine the basis of your discontentment. With your feedback, I will assemble a working, multifaceted proposal for your treatment program. The process is fluid and there are no hard fast rules to spiritual healing. It is collaborative and we will work together from the onset to establish the most appropriate path for you. There will be challenges, but I will provide you with my expertise and experience to assist you in achieving your program goals, ultimately leading you to your highest level of existence.

At times you may not be ready or willing to do what is required of you to heal, and that is okay, we will readjust. Emotions of doubt and fear often arise from our ego in an attempt to protect ourselves from the unknown. With the knowledge, support and resources I give you, healing becomes increasingly easier with each challenge unearthed. I invite you to have patience with yourself during this process of dismantling patterns that do not serve you.

We all have the power to change the patterns of judgment, distrust and neglect, but fear the responsibility that accompanies it. My goal and purpose in life is to work with my clients to change this paradigm for this generation and for those that follow, because it is not as difficult or burdensome as it seems, and the reward is a life untethered, full of joy and promise.

Currently, I am supporting my clients in one-on-one sessions, only. Please note that in the near future, I will be offering online group coaching programs that are currently being developed.


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