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I have passionately dedicated my life to providing my services to individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle. My desire to serve others began at a very young age while providing care and love beyond my years to loved ones riddled with mental illness, addictions, and self-loathing behavior. These experiences at a fragile age led me to play out my own versions of the same karmic path. However, through much study and enlightenment, I was able to transcend my self-sabotaging behavior and make it my life’s work to provide the ultimate care and support to those who seek to rise above a script they did not write for themselves.

My passion for service and nutrition began in the hospitality industry and progressed into a desire to help people nourish their body and soul through holistic elements. After focusing on integrative holistic nutrition, I realized that I could provide a much broader spectrum of services to my clients to really tackle the deep-seated traumas that prevented them from truly nurturing themselves. In most cases this meant addressing the negative inner monologue by healing past wounds. I knew then that my practice needed to evolve into a space that promotes the mending and harmonizing of the mind, body and spirit.

And so, I shifted my studies to the healing modalities of Reiki, yoga, aromatherapy, emotional freedom technique and herbalism. I engaged leading healers to advance spiritual counsel within myself. I learned how to manage my own past’s impact on my path and how to use the natural world to remove perceived limitations and self-sabotaging thoughts. Through my education in the ancient practices combined with modern wellness and my own personal healing experience, I am able to provide care to my clients on a profoundly deep and impactful level.

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