Who you were before everyone else told you who to be?

My name is Ashley and
I’m here to guide you back home

“Home” is the place where you first felt safe.

You may not remember what that feels like.

I will help you remember.

I believe many of us feel unable to create the life
we deserve due to the trauma we’ve endured.

Trauma is experienced in 2 ways:

Directly from
our childhood

Indirectly through
our family lineage

Some of our deepest wounds cannot be recalled by memory.
Rather, they are stored in our bodies.
This unresolved pain can lead to anxiety, fear, worry, doubt,
insecurity, and mistrust.

These uncomfortable bodily sensations are breadcrumbs leading you back to the source of your suffering.


It is my responsibility as a somatic practitioner to help you befriend these triggers and get clear on what they are meant to teach you.


In doing so, the inner landscape of your true desires and how to embody them may be revealed.

I invite you to open up to the gift of self-healing.

Everything you need to be brought back to wholeness already
exists within you.

Learn more to see if I’m the right guide for you.

My programs are intended for those who want to

A glimpse of the client experience with Ashley

“Ashley is the true definition of tough love. She will guide you and push you in order to heal and be the best version of yourself that you can be. It’s been almost 3yrs since we worked together and our work was the beginning of a healing process I needed to deal with not only emotionally but physically as well. I was at a point in my life were my health needed a lot of attention and her guidance and tools lead me to where I am today; which is a prescription-free life.” 

– Melissa


“Ashley was a great listener and was very good at explaining things. She cares about her clients and goes great lengths to get to the root of the triggers, so you can be a better you. Her program helped me believe in myself and learn my potential for greatness. I now have more confidence and can set clear boundaries for myself.” 

– Anonymous


“Ashley is a caring, empathetic and “other knowing” healer. Because of our work, I’m filled with self love. This helps me love everything and everyone else on a deeper level, I feel. The change in how I feel about myself has clearly brought other amazing healers into my life. My ambitions were to fix belly bloating, develop a healthy relationship with food & my body, and to lose a few pounds. The belly issues are chronic and complicated so we made moderate progress there. The body and food relationship issues nearly reversed! I felt supported, cared about, and identified with.” 

– Jill


“I can’t thank Ashley enough for all that she does for me in my overall health and wellness journey. I haven’t felt this healthy in over 30 years! Besides getting me on track with healthy cooking and eating habits, she provides me with the necessary tools to work on the ‘software’ of my well-being – like meditation, encouraging me to work with a personal trainer/exercising, guiding me on safe products for personal and household care – the list goes on.” 

– Celene


“I would recommend Ashley to anyone needing a lifestyle change or rebalance in their life, but specifically, that person who was just like me – someone who felt stuck. I had been to all the doctors, tried all the medications only to feel worse physically, mentally and emotionally and then only to be told there isn’t anything left to do. I had dabbled in the holistic approach in various stages of my life, but never like this or this consistently. It was eye opening and life changing what you can do without conventional medicine and food.” 

– Jessica


“Ashley connected the dots for me. The food you put into your body, the thoughts you take in and spit out, and the overall lifestyle you live affects every aspect of your being. If you start to lose sight of one part of the total package, your life isn’t to the fullest it could be. Ashley was able to show me and help me realize the places I was neglecting and needed more love. She is an accountability partner, coach, but most importantly to me she’s a friend. Yes, there were days where I didn’t want to tell Ashley things because I was scared she wouldn’t understand, however, she never passed judgement and she always made me feel more comfortable. She will give you the tough love that some of our longest and best friends wouldn’t dare give us. She played an instrumental role in the person I’ve become.” 

– Sarah Kate


“I can’t say enough good things about Ashley. She has inspired so much transformation in me. She has helped me let go of the past and heal from past traumatic events. She has taught me how to navigate pain. She has taught me how to reframe things. She has taught me about self-love. She has taught me how to raise my vibration and why it’s important and how this can elevate our lives and what we attract into it. She has drawn me closer to my spirituality. She is generous, kind, highly intuitive, efficient, loving and a gifted healer and life coach. I am so grateful she came into my life!” 

– Puja


“Ashley is at her core, a healer, of mind, body and soul. She helped me work through some traumas that I never thought I would be able to let go of. All the while teaching me and guiding me about nutrition, spirituality, self-care and just how to actualize my best self. I am a different person because of our work together and will be forever grateful for that!” 

– Morgan


“Working with Ashley helped me to clear my old programs from the subconscious, to clearly see the problems that I have and to make use of them. I feel absolutely happy to be directed by Ashley. Each session with her turns my mind from head to foot. When I talk to her, each of her words becomes the basis in my perception of the world, and in the future in my life. I act precisely from this new awareness. My life has become much happier and easier and more fun.”

– Alena


“Ashley is a very intelligent, intuitive, and empathetic person. She’s very invested in your well being and wants to see you succeed in your goals. I’m now able to look introspectively at certain situations, and really dissect why I’m feeling a certain way. I’m able to recognize my triggers and work on those issues. But most importantly, I believe by mending my relationship with my father, I was able to find a wonderful partner.”

– Adriana


“I started working with Ashley because I wanted to control my anxiety, unblock self-limiting beliefs, and resolve childhood trauma. She helped me stay focused through out my entire Bar prep program, and gave me useful tools to help combat my anxiety. The biggest change I’ve noticed is how I speak to myself, and how I react to others. I am no longer as triggered by others as I used to be, and I have made myself/my mental health/my health (in general) my top priority. The empathy I have for others has grown significantly. Ashley is a great coach who holds an amazing space for all of her clients.”



“When something unexpected or unpleasant happens to me I am able to bounce back from it calmly and quickly. I respond to life’s unexpected turns with much more ease and acceptance versus resistance. I am extremely happy with the results I have gotten from working with Ashley. It has been life changing.”



“I find I am able to maintain my position and posture in the ‘drivers seat’ of my life and work with more clarity and intention and feel less on the the hook to manage the needs of others.”



“The work was experiential and definitely felt like we were working together as a team with a common goal. The work was deep, methodical, deeply reflective and results driven–which allowed for unexpected outcomes within a concentrated and directed format.”



“Ashley is not of this world. She is truly a seer. She has the phenomenal ability to heal other and to see exactly what a person needs in order to heal. I owe my life to her. She single handedly changed my life. I don’t even know how to describe how much she has improved my life. All I can do is tell you if your are considering her run do not walk and book her services immediately. Your life will change for the better immediately and you deserve it!”



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